The White Tantra Society
Tradition and Authenticity in the Practice of White Tantra
When a Tantric practitioner pronounces Mantras, it creates specific wave patterns in the ethers. With years of continuous practice, involving millions of repetitions and performing sacred rituals, her or his spiritual vision becomes so powerful that s/he can see wave patterns in the ethers. When the practitioner is able to see these wave patterns it is an indication that he or she has perfected those Mantras.

The ancient seers drew and carved the wave patterns they perceived on metal. In this way, they passed those graphic images as Yantras down through the ages.

The ancients developed this exacting science thousands of years ago. These amazing spiritual scientists experimented with the alchemy of vibration until they perfected the formulas that have been passed down through countless generations of Tantric practitioners. Whenever the spiritual masters of the Tantric tradition give Mantras to the next generation of practitioners, they also give accompanying Yantras. When a student does meditation over a Yantra, s/he receives the same energy from the Yantra as from the Mantra, since a Yantra is the graphic image of a Mantra in form.

Yantras are painstakingly handcrafted using secret metallurgical formulations of precious metals in geometrical patterns to hold the resonance of specific categories of vibration. The combinations of metals a practitioner uses are determined by the conductivity of the energy of its particular Mantra. Yantras are generally made of combinations of gold, silver and bronze, and are consecrated with the power of a specific Mantra.

Each Yantra symbolizes a specific aspect of the Supreme Reality and is charged with its power in proportion to the devotion and skills of the Tantric practitioner who creates it. The electro-magnetic power created by the incantation of a Mantra is preserved and then radiated by its Yantra. In this way, exacting combinations of sacred vibrational encodements can be customized by the practitioner to meet specific individual requirements, much like a pharmacist or a traditional herbalist creates a prescription.

There are hundreds of different forms of Yantras that can solve physical, mental and other material problems, in addition to being tools for spiritual development. Yantra is a timeless process perfected by the ancient Tantric practitioners with a history of consistently miraculous results that has endured to this day.