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Tradition and Authenticity in the Practice of White Tantra
White Tantra
What is White Tantra?

White Tantra is a timeless synthesis of two ideals: union with the Divine and perfect health of mind and body.

The genius of the ancient Indian mystics has left us a rich legacy of knowledge, based upon the power of sound, which puts man’s quest for enlightenment and for health, happiness and prosperity in perfect balance. This secret knowledge, passed down in an ancient oral tradition for thousands of years, is an authentic spiritual art perfectly preserved for today’s world.

Tantric knowledge is often used today as a remedial measure for physical healing, material problems, spiritual problems and for problems with entities. Sometimes cosmic forces try to disturb people and disrupt their lives and their spiritual journeys. Tantra has the ability to solve these kinds of problems and can cure conditions that medical science cannot explain or heal.

White Tantra is an exacting science of Spirit. It encompasses principles that govern the fabric of Creation that manifests as our physical world. Through the ancient teachings of Tantric tradition we have been given a perfected, highly technical roadmap through the ethers to the realization of our connection with the Supreme Divine Power. In the White Tantric process we come to understand the vibrational makeup of what we consider to be life and the principles of how to alter our material circumstances on the path of ascension. Tantra is a highly spiritual technology, eternally pure, whose goal is full control of the physical senses and the ability to communicate directly with the Supreme Divine Power.

There are two sciences operating simultaneously today. One is physical science, Bhut Vigyan. The other is Dev Vigyan, or spiritual science, which describes in detail how to ascend and connect with God. Within the category of Dev Vigyan there are many techniques that guide the spiritual aspirant toward the Supreme Divine Power. Some of these techniques include prayer, worship, invocation, yoga, shankhya, gyana (Divine knowledge), devotion, and principles of karma.

Within Dharma Shastra, a universal body of spiritual understanding, there are two principles. One is Vedic science, Dev Vigyan (Nigam), which consists of four ancient scriptures known as The Vedas. These four main texts were passed down from antiquity from generation to generation in the oral tradition. The other principle is the Tantric system, Tantra Vigyan (Aagam).

The Tantric system describes in exacting detail how to analyze the human mind in order to synthesize it. It’s an extremely technical science that covers many diverse areas of knowledge. Initially, it provides for the fulfillment of materialism. Once those needs and desires have been addressed, the human mind comes to the point when it opens quite naturally to the pursuit of the spiritual.

Tantra is perhaps the most highly perfected technology known to man. It can assist us to live in oneness with the Supreme Divine Power. Yet it is very difficult to enter into the main lineage of White Tantra. This is because for mastery, the study of White Tantra requires full time devotion and dedication for at least twenty to thirty years.

The authentic science of White Tantra is only passed down from teacher to student in the oral tradition. This is why those who have mastered this tradition insist that the strict supervision of a qualified Guru is of first and foremost importance. The White Tantra system is not possible without a teacher. Whether or not you qualify for ongoing instruction with the Guru, based on your nature, the process begins with control of the senses. The objective is to instill the practice of obedience without consideration of logic.

There are no authentic books or scriptures on White Tantra available anywhere. In ancient times Tantric seers kept this science highly secret. Their secrecy was not simply to prevent people from learning Tantric techniques so that they could maintain a monopoly on the knowledge, but also to protect innocent people from the volatile potential of powers that could be unleashed through incorrect practice. Many have been interested to learn these techniques throughout history. But it is a rare individual who is ready to dedicate him or her self to the long years of practice it requires for mastery.

The ancient Tantric practitioners chose only one or two people over the course of a lifetime who demonstrated full devotion and dedication, and gave them the sacred teachings in the timeless oral tradition. Those rare students became the next generation of Tantric masters. In this way the secret knowledge was passed down through the ages.

In today’s world, many people have adapted certain small pieces of Tantric technology with the hope of creating energy and personal power for themselves. The techniques are often misused by these self-serving practitioners who distort the sacred knowledge only for their own pleasure and personal gain. Those practices are known as Black or Red Tantra. In Black and Red Tantra, the technology and the energy may well be present, but not in their full dimension and purity. Many are ill-prepared to use the techniques properly. These practitioners often are not mentally fit and have tainted teachings that were originally conceived in purity. Many unsuspecting people get caught up in the allure of exotic so-called “magical” powers and have gone crazy as a result of the misuse of these potent energies.

In White Tantra, the Tantric practitioner uses the sacred Tantric techniques for the well being of society. These spiritual masters have full knowledge of the science of Tantra. At the same time, they are fully connected with The Supreme Divine Power. They follow the exacting ancient disciplines of the science of spirit in their practice of Tantra.

In White Tantric practice, the practitioner is able to discern with finely developed intuitive power. Permission is then sought from high level spiritual guides and from the Supreme Divine Power. If it is determined that a candidate who wants to learn White Tantra is fully ready in his own spiritual practice, then certain techniques may be given to them in the time-honored oral tradition. There is a contract of understanding between the Tantric practitioner and the person to whom the techniques are given. In this sacred pact it is understood that the secret knowledge can only be used privately. It is not to be revealed to anyone.

There are two kinds of seekers. One goes initially toward materialism and then enters into spirituality. The other group is more spiritually focused from the beginning due to previous life karma. These people aren’t drawn to spending their time pursuing material pleasures and rewards and enter into the mainstream of spirituality directly.

One of the salient features of the White Tantric system is its blend of material life and spiritual life in perfect harmony. It is possible within this system for the spiritual seeker to progress towards perfect bliss while engaging in household and worldly affairs. Indian saints and visionaries neither lay down their lives on the altar of spiritualism nor renounce life and the world just for the sake of it.

To create the conditions where the spiritual and worldly are in balance, a person is guided, through the practice of Mantra, to attain a state of perfect bliss that he or she experiences even while participating in everyday life…

So where do you begin if you want to learn White Tantra? First, it’s very important to make the distinction between learning about White Tantra and practicing White Tantra. They are very different procedures. In fact, they can even oppose one another.

Why is this so? One dimension of White Tantra that can be elusive, frustrating and incomprehensible is that progress in White Tantra is not based on mastery of external knowledge. In fact, there are times when knowledge can become a downright hindrance to our development.

Many spiritual systems advocate both study and practice of the elements of the system. This is not the case with the White Tantra process. This is because the White Tantra process is so powerful and evanescent that it requires we receive only and exactly the specific energies that will give us the highest quality of progress. Having said that, at the beginning of your quest it is important to learn who is teaching and what they are teaching. That way you can find who you want to study with and what you want to study.

Please be cautious when you search the web for information on Tantra. White Tantra is not about sex. This website is definitely not the place to learn about sex and Tantra. Nearly all of the information on Tantra out there relates to sex and selling sex. Much of what appears to be genuine information on the search engines will just pull you into never-ending loops of pornography.

This initial orientation to the world of Tantra will give you perspective and the opportunity to dialogue with others to deepen your progress. This dialogue is a part of what this website and the White Tantra Society are about.