The White Tantra Society
Tradition and Authenticity in the Practice of White Tantra
Does Tantra have a divine origin?

Many claim that it does, and they usually also claim that they can provide you with unique access to that tradition for a price.

Can it be that the divine would have a preference of systems, that there could really be a science of spirituality?

Could there actually be reliable techniques that guide us through the veils of illusion toward union with the divine? Or are we merely graded on effort?

In the last century there were many people who had sincere interest, dedication and devotion to learn how to fly. Some even applied the latest scientific techniques to the process in an effort to become airborne. Yet it wasn’t until Orville and Wilbur Wright came up with the exact concept, backed it up with the proper formula and applied it correctly that man flew into the skies.

If Tantra does have a divine origin, is there a tradition that has the ability and authority to pass a portion of this divine essence on to us as students?

How has this tradition been preserved?

Do we have access to that tradition?

How can we know if this access is real?

If we are going to apprehend, excel and advance this art we need definite and substantial answers to these questions and others such as: What is real authority in this tradition? What does authentic mean? What is real in this art? How does any lineage fit into the historical tree of White Tantra masters? Does it matter?

If the answers in this tradition truly come from within, what is it that would be passed down through the generations from an authentic and unique origin that can’t be replaced, copied or mimicked?

If something special does get passed on from master to student, then there can’t be a gap in the teaching. The issue of authenticity would be vital to the truth of the teaching. A gap in the lineage would mean that the tradition itself would disappear. Or are there other ways?

The Internet is full of data. Yet how much of it is really useful information? Data becomes information when it is relevant to our purpose. When it comes to us in the right way, when it is the right kind of information, when it comes to us at the right time and we can receive it in a way that we can digest properly, only then does it become useful.

Some of the most problematic pitfalls on the path come in the form of new and interesting information. It saps us of our energy, occupies our mind and wastes our time and ability to process what is necessary. We advise you to keep your purpose in mind as you go through these pages and others that you'll find on the internet and elsewhere. As you read, you’ll discover what’s out there in the world of Tantra. As you learn what people are doing you’ll find what is for you if and only if it resonates with what is already inside of you and is waiting to be born…