The White Tantra Society
Tradition and Authenticity in the Practice of White Tantra



When practiced correctly, the science of Mantra propels a word or phrase with power and rhythmic incantation through the medium of the ethers as vibrational patterns that affect the human mind and body in extraordinary ways. A perfected Mantra can be used as a tool for spiritual purification, for shifting material reality and dramatically improving the quality of life.


Mantras are comprised of Divine words. For example, "Om" is said to be the signature of God. The repetition of "Om" can help a person realize the Divine because it represents the Supreme Divine Power in verbal form. The vibration of a Mantra achieves its effect when the energy of sound merges with the will power that directs it. This can be achieved through constant repetition of the Mantra in its characteristic rhythm and tone. When a practitioner repeats a Mantra it creates a wave pattern within and around them. This helps them enter a state of deep meditation and experience union with the Divine...