The White Tantra Society
Tradition and Authenticity in the Practice of White Tantra
About Us

The White Tantra Society is the ongoing dialogue, friendship, common interests and responsibilities that those who practice White Tantra share.

The purpose of the White Tantra Society is to foster truth and the highest possible levels of practice and integrity in our community.

The White Tantra Society’s activities include our online discussion group, participation in this website, sponsoring conferences, workshops, lectures and travel for students and teachers of White Tantra. Our activities are worldwide. Our activities also include many emails, phone calls and intimate conversations at home, over breakfast, lunch and dinner in our quest to discern what is real for each of us as we practice the highly subjective art that comes from the oral teaching that is White Tantra.

If you would like to participate in any of these activities, please contact us here.

We invite articles, questions and commentaries that reflect your interest in and experience with White Tantra.